Hydratec Industries is a listed technology company. Our companies deliver industrial systems and hightech components designed to sustainably meet the growing need for food, health and mobility.

Within our Systems activities, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) bring complete machines and systems to market under their own brand names. Within Hightech Components, our companies are intermediate suppliers. They develop and produce structural plastic components for Original Equipment Manufacturers. This diversification makes Hydratec Industries flexible and resistant to market fluctuations.

Industrial Systems

Hydratec Industries responds to the growing demand for food and clean drinking water. The company delivers systems for the poultry, convenience food and petfood sectors. In addition, the company delivers systems for the production of water pipes for sanitary and clean water. This concerns sustainable production systems that are innovative and efficient; as a result, they prevent wastage in production processes. The systems are sold throughout the world on a project basis. As a result, dependency on macroeconomic factors is high, but so is the distribution of risk. Our Systems activities are project-based, and results may therefore fluctuate.

Hightech Components

Hightech Components responds to the growing demand for constructive and innovative plastic products. Plastic is a relatively recent raw material and its possibilities of application are continuously expanding. Due to their unique properties, these materials play a crucial role in a more sustainable and raw material-efficient future. This is because the use of plastics often results in weight savings and cost reductions. This helps our customers in the Food, Mobility and Health markets achieve their sustainability targets. Our Hightech Components companies are process-oriented, as a result of which fluctuations are less pronounced in comparison to Industrial Systems.

Innovation is a keyword

The companies of Hydratec Industries are independent and flexible and work on developing smart products and functions that contribute to the customer’s success. We not only improve the primary functions, but also logistics, maintenance, design and advisory services. The focus on innovation is an important factor in the success of our companies. In close cooperation with customers, our employees constantly seek to improve products and production processes.

Leading positions

We aim for leading positions in the various niche markets, are close to those markets and respond quickly to changes. Our long-term strategy is for all our activities to contribute to generating consistent growth in terms of revenue and result at least in line with the market. This is how we make it possible to create high added value for the end user.

Our extensive service portfolio creates a high degree of customer loyalty. We also consider the increased importance of sustainability in this respect. The impact on the environment and the social acceptance of our activities and products play an increasingly more important role in everything we and our customers do. We actively anticipate this development.

Entrepreneurial management and ambitious employees

To actively respond to every market change and opportunity, it is essential that every one of our companies has excellent and well-motivated management and employees. The war for talent is in full swing. This is why our growth objective devotes added attention to finding and retaining good employees, for example by structurally offering internships and graduation positions in our companies. Furthermore, we continuously encourage the development of our employees, for example through training and education.


Our goal is to continue to grow with our current companies. The drivers of our autonomous growth are the growth of the world population and the innovative capacity of Hydratec Industries. We are active in small, specialised markets, are positioned close to the market and rapidly respond to changes. In addition, we aim to expand and broaden existing operations through acquisitions and partnerships. We are using a ‘buy and build’ acquisition strategy based on our current activities.