Shareholders Information

The shares of Hydratec are listed on the Euronext Amsterdam NV stock exchange (ISIN NL 000 939 1242). The total number of issued shares is 1,292,791.

Report of Key Shareholders

The following interests greater than 3% reported in the context of the Financial Supervision Act (Wft) are known:

A.C. ten Cate23.1%21 March 2017
F. ten Cate23.1%21 March 2017
J. ten Cate23.1%21 March 2017
P. Chr. van Leeuwen Beheer B.V.5.7%9 May 2014
B.F. Aangenendt5.5%30 June 2017
M. Spriensma3.1%2 December 2014