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Record revenue for Hydratec Industries in Q3

Wednesday 26 October 2022, 17:30

AMERSFOORT, NETHERLANDS – Hydratec Industries posted record revenue in the third quarter, which was substantially higher than the level attained in the first half-year. As a result, revenue for the first three quarters of 2022 showed a limited increase compared to the previous year. The increase translates to a considerable rise in Hydratec Industries’ profitability in the third quarter compared to the previous two quarters. The net result continues to lag behind that for 2021.

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Hydratec Industries continues its forecast of a good 2022

Thursday 21 July 2022, 17:30

AMERSFOORT – Hydratec Industries' revenue of €124 million exceeded that in the first half of 2021. Due to the rise in raw material prices, the gross margin was down by 1.6%. This led to a lower operating result than last year’s. The order intake was strong, both for the Plastic Components segment and Industrial Systems. This presents a good outlook, despite the uncertainties in the current markets.

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Continuing revenue growth at Hydratec Industries

Thursday 28 April 2022, 08:00

AMERSFOORT, NETHERLANDS – Hydratec Industries’ revenue in Q1 was markedly higher than in the first quarter of 2021. Rising prices of raw materials led to a limited decrease in relative margins. The operating result was comparable to that in the first quarter last year.

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Hydratec Industries reports record revenue and result

Thursday 3 March 2022, 17:35

AMERSFOORT – 25 years ago, Hydratec Industries went public in Amsterdam. The company will be celebrating this anniversary in 2022 and can look back on a successful year, having achieved a record revenue and result in 2021. Revenue rose by 18% to €257 million. The operating result totalled €22 million, which equates to 8.6% of revenue. Hydratec has made good use of the resilience of the markets in which it operates, despite the Covid-19 pandemic and problems with raw material supply.

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