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Hydratec Industries announces Interim Dividend

Friday 28 June 2024, 19:15

AMERSFOORT – Today, the Offer Memorandum and Position Statement have been published regarding the recommended public option Offer (to be paid in cash or unlisted shares in the Offeror) by Ten Cate Investeringsmaatschappij on all shares of Hydratec Industries. The Board of Directors of Hydratec, after approval by the Supervisory Board, has decided to distribute an interim dividend of €6 per share. Since the Offer is cum dividend, this distributed interim dividend will be deducted from the Cash Offer Price of €142.50. Therefore, the remaining payment for a shareholder under the Cash Offer Price, upon the Offer being declared unconditional, will be €136.50 per share.

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Stable development at Hydratec Industries

Wednesday 24 April 2024, 17:30

AMERSFOORT - The revenue of Hydratec Industries for the first three months of this year is comparable to the first quarter of 2023. The margin showed modest increase compared to last year. The operational profitability (excluding one-time costs) is higher than in the first quarter of 2023 but lower than the average quarterly profit of last year.

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Mr. E. ten Cate steps down from the Supervisory Board of Hydratec Industries N.V. April 16, 2024

Tuesday 16 April 2024, 17:30

AMERSFOORT - In anticipation of the upcoming General Meeting of Shareholders, Mr. E. ten Cate has announced his resignation from the Supervisory Board of Hydratec Industries N.V., effective April 16, 2024.

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Hydratec Industries posts stable revenue

Thursday 22 February 2024, 22:00

AMERSFOORT - Technology company Hydratec Industries achieved revenue of €283 million in 2023 ‒ on par with the previous year’s results. Its operating result stood at €22.0 million, which was €0.2 million higher than last year. Hydratec incurred €6.2 million of one-off costs to dispose of sites and thereby boost efficiency and competitiveness. The net result for shareholders decreased from €15.9 million to €15.7 million.

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